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IARC is finalizing a strategy for statewide coverage of Regional Planning Commissions in Indiana. In 2008, IARC entered into a contractual agreement with a consulting team from the National Association of Development Organizations. The team assisted IARC with developing a strategy to provide services in un-served counties and the team also conducted interviews with state agencies in Indiana to determine how best IARC can assist the State in delivering local services regionally.


Indiana Office of Community & Rural Affairs


In 2008, IARC received state funds through 2010 from the Indiana Office of Community & Rural Affairs to develop and implement a strategy to gain statewide coverage of Regional Planning Commissions in Indiana. The strategy involves the IARC part-time staff person and volunteer board members travelling to un-served counties and meeting with county commissioners, local economic development organizations and other local officials and educating them on the benefits of a county being part of a region and receiving services provided by Regional Planning Commissions.


Disaster Recovery Efforts

In July 2008, Congress appropriated $300 million in CDBG funds for the Midwestern natural disasters. The state of Indiana was awarded $67 million for recovery efforts for damage caused by the May and June floods (DR-1766). Congress appropriated supplemental funding in September, $95 million of which has been allocated to the state of Indiana, for emergency disaster assistance in states affected by severe storms and flooding in 2008. The new funding can be used by the state for long-term recovery efforts for damage caused by any previous natural disaster which received a federal declaration this year (DR-1740, DR-1766 and DR-1795).


The Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) is the lead state agency in distributing funds for public infrastructure restoration, economic revitalization, and other non-housing disaster recovery activities. IARC has served as a partner on disaster recovery with OCRA and other state and federal agencies and has assisted the state in providing services to those counties affected by the disasters.



CEDS Template

As a component of the EDA grant work, IARC developed a template for use in developing a regional Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) that is both useful to the region, and useful to federal agencies.


View the CEDS Template (PDF)



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